World n°1 liner
for wine


œnoseal® - A leader brand

World no. 1 for wine

A leader brand

Today, hundreds of millions of caps are wadded with oenoseal® liners worldwide. The know-how of oenoseal® has been recognised for more than 40 years by the entire screw-cap industry. As such, oenoseal® liners take a major part in wine development worldwide.


A MGJ brand

La Manufacture Générale de Joints, based near Lyon in the heart of the Beaujolais winemaking region, has been developing and manufacturing one-piece and two-piece seals for more than 60 years, for applications in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, and for wines and spirits. From R&D to manufacturing processes (plastic processing, assembly techniques and punching and slitting operations), MGJ is fully committed to developing innovative solutions to meet consumers' expectations.


A historical actor

For more than 40 years by your side, to develop the screw caps for wine market.


Australian Consolidated Industries (ACI) obtains the rights to manufacture Stelcap closures. First use of «Le Bouchage Mécanique» Stelcap closures over driven cork in Australian at Yalumba.

1st generation of seals

This cap has no Redraw and requires a very compressible barrier seal of which surface is flexible enough to be able to avoid a too fast oxydation. A complex on a base Cork + Tin and PVDC is created.


Swiss winemakers turn out to screw cap en masse for chasselas, using many millions of cap annually.

2nd generation of seals

Launched on the Tin PVDC Facing base assembled on a foamed PE (Polexan) whose characheristics have been traced on the compression level / resilience of the Cork (250/300 kg/m3) and 2.0 mm.


Creation of œnoseal


Development of versions more permeable than the tin allowing wines with a reductive tendency to age better with the screw cap: the Oenoseal S was born!



Years after years, variations of Oenoseal S standards will be created to allow taking into account the different criteria of capsuling (small and big diameters, torque force, lightly sparkling wines...)



Oceania adopts massively the screw cap, encouraged by the British Large-scale distribution.

MGJ optimizes its process of manufacturing in order to accompany the strong growth of the Market


Confirmed success

The screw cap continues its strong growth in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, but also in Europe.

The volume of 3 Billion screw caps is reached which represents 1 bottle of wine on 6 sold in the world! 



Amcor Capsules, in partnership with MGJ, launches its new range Stelvin® Inside with a choice of 4 levels of permeability:

1 O2, 3 O2, 5 O2, 7 O2.


A globalized market

The volumes have risen above 5 billion screw caps, representing 1 wine bottle on 4, at the world level.

The MGJ know-how is recognized by all the screw caps manufacturers and the Oenoseal market share exceeds 70%.



Guala Closures and MGJ join their expertises to develop and launch a new range of OENOSEAL for wine nano-oxygenation including 3 levels of permeability : Onyx, Ivory, Coral.

In addition, Oenoseal APP, a software for decision making, is displayed on line on the Internet website, allowing wine producers to select the most suitable liner for the wine which will be embottled.

œnoseal® - Not just a seal, but a system!


More than a liner

Œnoseal® is a range of liners especially designed for the wine market. 

The liner is a multi-layer product located at the bottom of the cap, each layer providing a different barrier level. In direct contact with the liquid, the organoleptically neutral œnoseal® liner is an essential alternative to traditional corks.

Not only because liners do not develop TCA, the molecule responsible for contaminating wine and giving "tainted" wine, but also because, with equal ageing and preservation performances, the lined cap is cheaper than a cork.

The seal œnoseal® - Oustanding qualities


Outstanding qualities

No more corked wine

Preserving the organoleptic qualities of wine

 As an example, no corked bottle has never been found among the millions of bottles of Riesling and white Sauvignon in Australia and New Zealand which were sealed since decades with oenoseal® liners; yet, these wines are especially prone to corking. 

Note: the percentage for corked white and red wines infected with TCA varies between 4 and 7%.

Respecting wine entirety

 Guaranteeing an excellent aromatic protection

Of course, taste is capital. The challenge for our liners is not only to provide improved technical functions, but also to respect and preserve the work and passion of wine producers. Our aim is to preserve the very essence of a wine, what typifies an individual wine and what ensures its excellence:  freshness and flavour. For this, we offer a range of liners that will meet your requirements for perfection.

Wine preserving

Insuring the regularity of preservation

Oenoseal® liners are particularly suitable for all kind of ageing wines since they respect their integrity without any variation in time.

Oxygen flow control

Controlling wine nano-oxygenation:

Allowing a wine to age means to consider its living dimension. The perfect seal provided by our liners preserves the volume of air that is essential and specific to each wine.

The smart seal - The ideal seal for bottle closures and wine conservation


A complete range

The ideal liner for bottle closures and wine preservation


Universal liners

Œnoseal® guarantees leading edge technical solutions regardless of the type of closure used and irrespective of the qualities of your wine.

It is also backed up by a large experience since MGJ has been developing and mastering assembly and die cutting techniques for over 40 years!

Screwcap/seal complementarity

The diameters of our liners are suitable for any kind of screwcaps: metal, plastic or crown , for still wines, sparkling wines and champagne.



The range of liners

The new range Oxygen Management, developed in partnership with Guala Closures Group for their Wine Developers proposal (www.winedevelopers.com), is a genuine innovation towards a controlled wine oxygenation through cap sealing.

This range of 3 liners allows the wine producer to chose the most suitable liner to the OTR level ( Oxygen Transfer Rate), to the kind of wine to be packed, according to the characteristics of the wine, the intentions of the winemaker and the consumer's expectation.

For the first time, the liner is printed under the brand oenoseal® ONYX, IVORY or CORAL. This is a landmark and real guarantee of authenticity for the winemaker and the consumer.

This new range is dedicated to all kind of wines (red, white, rosé) whatever the wine making method, the presumed turnover and the range level (Popular Premium, Premium and Top Premium).

The different permeabilities of liners, constant in time and therefore predictableallow a nano-oxygenation of wine after bottling and offer a customized sealing.

Oenoseal APP is a software for decision making made available for wine producers  with the aim to select the most suitable liner for the wine to be  bottled.

Try it !

œnoseal® - Frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the œnoseal® concept?

This is an experimented and tested range of liners: no bottle of wine that has been using œnoseal® liners for several decades has been known to be corked. The quality-price ratio with regards to corking is very attractive compared with traditional corks.

What experience does MGJ/œnoseal® have in this field?

More than 60 years of  experience with one-piece and two-piece liners for many applications: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wines and spirits.

What quality of preservation does œnoseal® liner offer?

Total quality, both for still wines and for sparkling wines.

The absence of cork taste, the optimal protection of the aromas, the organoleptic neutralilty and the nano-oxygenation by constant contribution of oxygen, constitute important guarantees for the wine producer.

Can œnoseal® liners prevent a wine from being corked?

Yes. Firstly because there is no cork and secondly because œnoseal® is made of organoleptically neutral materials that do not develop the TCA molecule which causes contamination resulting in corking.

Can I store my bottles flat?

Because œnoseal® is made of organoleptically neutral materials, your bottles can be stored and transported in upright, flat or upside down position.

What guarantees does the Oenoseal liners offer about food contact ?

All the liners manufactured by MGJ are conform to the FDA and EU regulations.

The manufacturing process of MGJ guarantees the organoleptic neutrality of the liners and the entire conformity with the regulations in force: absence of heavy metals, no glue or solvent, absence of Bisphenol A, no phtalates.


œnoseal® - and MGJ brand

They are convinced

Domaine La Colombette

For this area of Languedoc, known and recognized for the high quality of its wines, the screw cap  allows to better preserve the organoleptic qualities of the wine but also to move with the times!



South World Wines

South World Wines is a company of import and distribution in France of wines coming from the southern hemisphere.

For her, the screw cap is a real progress for the quality of all wines.


Domaine Albert Mann

This beautiful  Alsatian property with worldwide known wines uses the screw cap since the 2004 vintage on the range "Tradition" and some wines in the range "Terroir Wines". The wines bottled in this way are mostly fruity wines and are consumed within 4 to 5 years.



Domaine Laroche

We are very lucky at the Domaine Laroche and in Chablis in general, to have great terroirs that are perfectly suitable for Chardonnay.